Structure of the ASL Department

The department is composed of 32 subject areas in the faculties of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, as well as numerous facilities, with a total of about 150 employees comprising of professors, scientific and technical staff, and secretaries, who together serve about 1000 students attending bachelor's and master's degrees programs. Flat hierarchies and work in small groups helps to ensure closeness and direct contacts among all parties involved. Student evaluations demonstrate the high value placed on this collaborative and motivating learning and working atmosphere (CHE-Ranking, ZEIT, SPIEGEL).

Institutes are department-based or multidisciplinary in accordance with the focus of their research goals and their teaching profile. Furthermore, there are teaching and research collaborations with other departments at the University of Kassel and other universities, as well as with non-university institutions at national and international levels.

In the context of the University of Kassel, the ASL School is located at an interesting juncture between the humanities, engineering sciences and arts disciplinesthat are present here, making it possible to establish numerous professional relationships within the immediate vicinity.

Although the department is geographically dispersed over several sites and in many facilities due to the history of the founding of the university and the diversity of its own teaching and research programs, its main location is on the urban campus at Holländischer Platz. In the coming years, a comprehensive restructuring of the university will relocate all ASL facilities together in the northern portion of the campus. This means that a substantially improved, central and stimulating environment for studying, teaching and research will be available in the near future.