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Unit for Professional Studies (BPS)

The Unit for Professional Studies (BPS) of the Faculty 06 Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Planning is in charge of the content and organization of the practical project BPS.

For organizational reasons, registration in the BPS unit is required for the implementation of the BPS practical project:

  • For the practical project inthe winter semester until 30.04.
  • For the practical project in the summer semester until 31.10

Please use the registration form for the practical project on our website.

  1. Time and scope of the BPS practical project
    The BPS practical project takes place from the 5th semester in the bachelor's degree program and has a scope of 30 cp, of which 640 hours are practical time.
  2. Registration for the practical project BPS via the registration form, the specification of a practical site is not yet required at this time.
  3. Application to suitable practice sites and, after acceptance, indication of the practice site. After checking the information, you will receive a contract template, verification form, prerequisite form and a schedule from us by e-mail.
  4. Conclusion of training contracts with the practice place. Submission of the contracts and the prerequisite form to the BPS unit before the start of the internship (by mail/letterbox BPS/on site).
  5. Participation in the accompanying seminar (2.5 days) during the internship (compulsory seminar), see dates.
  6. Registration of the student research project BPS by the last day of the accompanying seminar at the latest via the BPS website, see semester information.
  7. Registration of module examinations (1) practical project - internship and (2) study paper + professional discussion in HIS-POS.
  8. Fill outverification form at the end of the internship and have it signed by the internship site, hand in the original to the BPS office.
  9. Participation in the follow-up seminar (2.5 days, compulsory seminar)
  10. Submission of BPS coursework + professional discussion, the submission modalities will be communicated in the respective semester.

Semester Information


If the registration deadline for participation in the BPS practical project is missed, subsequent registration is no longer possible; if necessary, a written application for subsequent admission can be submitted to the Examination Committee in justified cases.

If you wish to postpone the BPS practice project to another semester, please inform the BPS unit informally by email to bps[at]asl.uni-kassel[dot]de

Missing module was/is already taken, exam and/or grade still missing:

If you are taking a module required for the practical project in the current semester and still need to take the exam, or if you have already taken the module in a previous semester but the grade has not yet been entered, please indicate this in the prerequisite form. If you are registered for the module for the examination, you will be admitted to the practical part (internship) under reserve. You will not be able to register for the examination in the module Practical Project BPS until you have fulfilled the prerequisites by proving that you have successfully completed the required modules.

Missing module was/is not yet taken:

You cannot be admitted to the Praxisprojekt BPS if you are missing modules that are not taken no later than the semester before the internship. Modules that have not yet been completed cannot be taken in the same semester in which the practical project is to be completed in order to prove the prerequisites.

The prerequisites for recognition as a practical placement within the framework of the BPS are, on the one hand, the professional relevance of the projects that are worked on during your practical phase and, on the other hand, you should be accompanied on site by a qualified specialist supervisor with a corresponding university degree, i.e:

  • for students of architecture > supervision by an architect
  • for students of urban and regional planning > supervised by an urban planner, regional planner, urban planner or a similar person
  • for students of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning > Supervision by Landscape Architect, Landscape Planner or equivalent

We would be happy to create a certificate for you. To do so, please send an e-mail to bps[at]asl.uni-kassel[dot]de. If you have not yet communicated the internship period and the internship site, please also provide us with this information.

In addition to registering with the BPS unit, it is mandatory that you register for the module exams in ecampus during your internship semester. The BPS Practicum Project consists of two exams:

(1) Internship, participation in accompanying and follow-up seminar.

  • 16100360 Practical Project Professional Practical Studies BPS - Internship

(2) Study paper + professional discussion in one of the study fields A, C or D with your examiner:

  • 16100310Practice Project Professional Studies BPS - General Sciences (A) or
  • 16100320 Practice Project Professional Studies BPS - Instruments, Procedures and Technology (C) or
  • 16100330 Practice Project Professional Practical Studies BPS - Planning Objects and Planning Levels (D)

Postal address (for sending contracts, certificates, etc.)

University of Kassel
BPS Department FB06
Universitätsplatz 9
34127 Kassel

On site: Drop in the mailbox of the BPS Unit | ASL Neubau | 2nd Floor | Room 2109