The "Winfoline-Tauschring" is a teaching cooperation of the business informatics department of the University of Kassel with chairs of the universities of Darmstadt (Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann), Göttingen(Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann) and Saarbrücken (Prof. Dr. Peter Loos). As part of this cooperation, various business informatics courses are opened for students from the partner universities. The courses are available online so that students can use them regardless of time and location. The exams take place at the home universities of the students.

Winfoline increases the range of courses at the participating universities, which means that a larger number of courses are available to students at their home universities.

The exchange ring has been a tradition since 1998 and was established with the Winfoline project.

Contact at the University of Kassel: Torben Barev (


The following courses at the partner universities are recognized:

  • Geschäftsprozesse und Informationstechnologie (Prof. Dr. Loos)
  • Informationsverarbeitung in Dienstleistungsbetrieben (Prof. Dr. Schumann)
  • Digital Business (ehemals Information Management) (Prof. Dr. Buxmann)
  • Internet Economics (Prof. Dr. Buxmann)
  • Modellierung betrieblicher Informatinssysteme (Prof. Dr. Loos)
  • Management der Informationssysteme (Prof. Dr. Schumann)


More Information: Winfoline-FAQ