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Successful disputation by Karen Eilers

On February 21, 2024, Karen Eilers successfully defended her dissertation entitled "The Agile Mindset - Why it Matters, What it is, and How to Measure it". The thesis, written at the Chair of Information Systems, is dedicated to researching and measuring the agile mindset and its role in the transformation of organizations.

The main aim of Karen Eilers' dissertation was to promote agile transformation by taking a detailed look at one success factor: the agile mindset of individuals. To this end, she identified relevant contexts and outcomes in which the agile mindset plays a role and developed a conceptualization as well as a valid measurement tool to capture the agile mindset.

The theoretical significance of her work lies primarily in the operationalization of the agile mindset and the expansion of the nomological network. On a practical level, the precise measurement of the agile mindset of managers and employees enables the development of targeted measures and the evaluation of its influence. Karen Eilers' work contributes to laying the foundations for successful transformation and strengthening organizational performance in an ever-changing world.

After the successful disputation, Karen Eilers was honored with a doctoral hat. This hat, designed by her colleagues and commented on by Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister , represents shared experiences and special features of the newly graduated doctor.