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Successful disputation by Michael Kunz

Michael Kunz successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Analysis on Successful Project Completion in Reward-based Crowdfunding" on February 21, 2024. The research work, carried out at the Chair of Information Systems, is dedicated to investigating the success factors of crowdfunding campaigns with a reward model in an urban environment.

The aim of the dissertation was to develop recommendations for action and design in order to increase the success of crowdfunding campaigns, particularly in an urban context. The focus was on which factors influence the success of such campaigns. His dissertation focuses on deductive explanatory approaches to understand how cities can successfully use crowdfunding as a financing instrument to realize socially relevant projects and create added value for the community.

The contribution of his work lies in the identification of success factors, the understanding and consensus on these as well as the development of recommendations for the design of crowdfunding campaigns and campaign signals.

After the successful disputation, Michael Kunz was honored with a doctoral hat. This hat, designed by his colleagues and commented on by Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister , represents the shared experiences and special features of the newly graduated doctor.