Exam Information

This page contains automatically translated content.

Dear students,

on this page you can find information concering exams in the field of taxation and finance.

  • Detailed Instructions on how you can register for an exam can be find here(only available in german).
    • When registering, selecting the examination normally follows the following sequence: subject, module, exam, unit of instruction, date.
    • The system informs students about any registration and deregistration deadlines that have been recorded.
    • After you attempt to register, the “Status” box will either display OK or an error message. The registration process was only successful if OK appears. These registration processes can then be seen under “Information about registered work”.
  • If you cannot register for an exam that way, please contact the examination office.

Admissable examination aids

  • non-programmable calculator
  • Dictionary (Motherlanguage - Deutsch/Englisch)
  • Legal Texts
  • Formularies english version
  • Information about the exam organization you can find here.

Post exam Review

According to § 32 of the General Regulations for Subject Examination Regulations with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the University of Kassel (AB Bachelor/Master) of February 10, 2016 "... the departments must allow students to inspect the complete examination documents for didactic reasons."

  • The review will take place after the grading process is completed
  • Only your personal exam documents can be viewed
  • Exam Documents cannot be taken home

Insights for Corporate Finance or Risk Management:


After evaluation, the exams are placed in the student's respective examination file via the Examinations Office. This exam can be inspected during the corresponding opening hours: Examination inspection FB 07

Please note that for the study program besides the FB 07 programs, the examination results will be forwarded to the responsible examination office.

Retake exam:

For courses that are scheduled to take place only once a year, a retake exam is offered in the following semester. These dates can be found in the lecture preview or the course catalog of the following semester. 

Please note the participation requirement for retake examinations! This is only given if students were registered for the regular examination date and either did not pass or were excused via a proper sick note via the examination office.

As long as, due to corona pandemic, the free attempt regulation applies, you can also register for the retake examination without the previously described initial participation. Information on the free attempt regulation can be found here.