Corona resolutions/regulations

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Resolutions on Corona pandemic and audit operations

The decision of 22.11. 2021, which provided for an extended processing time of 2 weeks, is cancelled. For final theses (BA and MA) beginning after July 18, 2022, the normal processing times apply again (see the respective PO). The previous flat-rate surcharges to compensate for pandemic-related burdens will no longer apply.

a) The following students may take face-to-face exams upon request in a
    separate room:

    - Students who belong to the Corona risk group.

    - Students who live in the same
        household with a person belonging to the Corona risk group.

b) The application must be accompanied by a medical confirmation (see above for forms)
    of belonging to the group of persons described in point a).

c) The application including the medical confirmation has to be sent in digital form to:
      j.richter[at]uni-kassel[dot]de or marina.rohleder[at]uni-kassel[dot]de until 14 days before the end of registration
      of the exam.

  • Alternative forms of examination due to a corona illness will be omitted, as there is no longer a right to do so.
  • In case of non-participation in an exam due to illness, a medical certificate will be required, otherwise this attempt is to be assessed as "failed". The medical certificate must be submitted to the Examination Office for Vocational and Business Education together with the sickness notification form.

The pre-pandemic regulations for company internships (§ 10 III PO 2013 BA Wipäd/§ 6 I a, b PO 2013 MA Wipäd, § 11 III PO 2015 BA Bepäd Metalltechnik/Elektrotechnik, § 6 II PO 2015 MA Bepäd Metalltechnik/Elektrotechnik, § 6 I b) PO 2021 MA Bepäd Gesundheit) are reinstated.

The regulations for SPS equivalent benefits are omitted without replacement.