Student Marketing

In student marketing, we accompany students - before, during and after their studies - with online and offline marketing measures.


Sandra Drozdowski
+49 561 804-3403

We inform students about the wide range of courses on offer at the School of Business and Economics during our study and career information days. This helps them decide whether a course of study or vocational training is right for them. Students can also get a first impression of the campus during the information days.

Through our website and social media channels, we provide targeted information on the various courses of study offered by Department 07 and thus help them choose the right course of study.

The satisfaction of our students is close to our hearts! We inform students on our website and our social media channels about the latest news, interesting facts and information from our department. We are also happy to engage in dialog with students and publicly answer frequently asked questions.

We also offer regular events, such as the department summer party and the graduation ceremony for graduates.

We accompany our students even after they have completed their studies. With our association "Net7werk - Alumni, Freunde und Förderer des Fachbereichs Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universität Kassel e. V. (in formation) we offer all (former) students who feel connected to our department the opportunity for sustainable networking and exchange at interesting events.

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