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Preferred dial-up for students with limited time flexibility.

In the Bachelor's degree programs of FB07, the preferred selection procedure for students with limited time flexibility is offered within the framework of the seminar place allocation in the PRIOS procedure. Within the framework of this procedure, students can be given preferential consideration in the allocation of seminar places for one semester upon application.

The request may be made for the following reasons:

  • chronic illness or disability in the sense of § 2 para. 1 SGB IX (proven by a medical certificate, preferably using the certificate form)
  • child up to 12 years of age to be cared for (proven by copy of birth certificate)
  • Pregnancy with an expected date of delivery during the lecture period of the semester (proven by medical confirmation of the pregnancy with indication of the date of delivery)
  • Care of a close relative (proven by a copy of a document according to §§ 44, 44a SGB XI).

The deadlines for submitting the complete application are February 28 for the summer semester and August 31 for the winter semester.

The procedure is supervised by the study coordination Business Law/Business Education, Ms. Ana V. Molina Fuentes. You will receive further information there. Please submit the documents via Ms. Molina Fuentes' (IBB) post office box, which is located at Henschelstraße 2 (Building K10, Room 3126), 34127 Kassel, Germany. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to molina[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.