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Call for Papers: International conference on innovation and transformation in the digital age

Current call for papers for the "international conference on innovation and transformation in the digital age", which takes place online at 10-12th November 2023.

This conference gives participants the opportunity to present and listen to the latest research on the topic, as well as interact with highly-valuable keynote speakers from the private sector.

Conference topics (included but not limited to)
Automation; Hyperautomation; Digitalization; Digital Transformation; Digital Technology; Internet of Things; Enterprise Architecture; Business Process; Business Model; Digital Economy; Information and Communication Sector; Digitalized Economy; Digital Innovation; Disruptive Innovation; Digital Disruption; Combined Innovation; Ambidextrous Innovation; Digital Strategy; Digital Maturity; Roadmap; Lean Start-up; Venture Capital; Multistakeholder Value.

The complete call is available via the attatched file or visti www.itda2022.eu/contact.html