Welcome to the working group Botany!

We are engaged in research and teaching activities related to plant biodiversity and evolution and data networking. The focus of the research is on:

  1. the molecular identification of plants for automated, standardized biodiversity monitoring (eDNA- and metabarcoding of plants and plant traces)
  2. the predominantly molecular-based analysis of structures and dynamics of plant evolution and biodiversity for the development of recommendations for implementation measures in nature conservation.
  3. the networking of biological data

We work with molecular, (micro-)morphological, karyological, anatomical, biogeographical and statistical methods. There are regular opportunities to do a bachelor- or master thesis, ‘Staatsexamensarbeiten’ or or doctoral theses in the AG.

The staff of the teaching and experimental facilities support the AG in growing and maintaining plants for research and teaching. Our herbarium (KAS) is used for the documentation and species descriptios, their condition and their localities, as well as for archiving specimens.