Image: H. Freitag, B. Gemeinholzer, C. M. Müller, S. Swenson

Research topics

1)  Identification and monitoring of species in space and time (biodiversity monitoring) using DNA-metabarcoding

Image: B. Gemeinholzer


Development of Biodiversity Monitoring Stations - AMMOD

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Image: Ronny Richter

Leipzig canopy forest crane project in cooperation with iDIV

Investigation of pollen diversity at different altitudes in cooperation with the Auwald Consortium of the University of Leipzig and the iDIV

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2)   Studies on plant-plant and plant-animal communities

Image: B. Gemeinholzer

Pollen on bumblebees

Pollen analysis on bumblebees in a recent and historical context

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Image: B. Gemeinholzer

Diversity of insects in nature reserve areas (DINA)

Analyses of plant-insect-interactions along a gradient from nature reserves to agricultural landscape - DINA

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Image: Isiwal, CC BY-SA 4.0

Red deer

Plant traces in red deer excretions

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3)  Population genetic studies on endangered plant species for nature conservation

Image: B. Gemeinholzer

Rare and endangered plant species

Population genetic studies on rare endangered plant species

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Conserve Plant-Project

Conserve Plant-Project (COST Action of the EU)

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4) Linking biological data as part of NFDI4Biodiversity.


Exemplary integration of users into the NFDI4BioDiv network TA1-2Involve

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5)  Analyses of speciation processes and differentiation at population levels

Lesser burnet

Studies on the lesser burnet (Pimpinella saxifraga)

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Image: B. Gemeinholzer


Population genetics and phylogeography of the species of the genus Vinca

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Image: B. Gemeinholzer

Co-existence and co-evolution

Analyses of co-existence and co-evolution

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Image: B. Gemeinholzer

Red clover

Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) under different land use scenarios

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6)  Reconstruction of systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of selected plant species and plant groups

Image: D. Guicking


Evolution of myrmecophytes and mechanisms of speciation in Southeast Asian ant plants of the genus Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae)

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Image: B. Gemeinholzer


Systematics, phylogeny, and evolution of the Chenopodiaceae

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7)  Analysis of the invasiveness of species

Impatiens analyses

Population genetic and phylogeographic studies within the genus Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) with focus on species native to Germany and invasive species

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