Prof. em. Dr. Helmut Freitag

Former working group leader, currently associated to the working group and curator of the herbarium

Image: Helmut Freitag
Freitag, Helmut
University of Kassel
FB 10 / Institute for Biology
Department of Botany
Heinrich-Plett-Straße 40
34132 Kassel
AVZ III, Basement, Room 0449
Consultation Hours

Sprechstunde:  Di, Do 10.00-13.00

Fields of interest/focus of work

  • Systematics, anatomy, ecology and distribution of Chenopodiaceae, in particular Salsoloideae and Suaedoideae
  • Dito Ephedraceae
  • Biogeography of the Mediterranean, South-West and Central Asia

Scientific career

  • 1952-1955 Study of Biology, Chemistry and Geology at the University of Potsdam; Dr. rer. nat. with the thesis “Die Grünlandgesellschaften des Oberspreewaldes und ihre Beziehungen zum Wasserfaktor” (Grasslands of the Oberspreewald and their relations to water supply)
  • 1955-1959 Scientific employee at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Nature Conservancy Halle (E-Germany)
  • 1959-1961 Senior Researcher at the Academy of Science, Institute of Limnology Jena (E-Germany)
  • 1961-1966 Lecturer at the Institute of Botany, University of (Stuttgart-)Hohenheim
  • 1966-1971 Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science, University of Kabul, Afghanistan
  • 1971 Habilitation with Venia Legendi in Botany at the University of Hohenheim with the thesis “Die natürliche Vegetation des südostspanischen Trockengebietes” (The natural vegetation of the arid regions in SE Spain)
  • 1971-1977 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Plant Taxonomy and Geobotany of the University of Goettingen
  • 1977-1997 Full Professor and head of the section Plant Taxonomy and Plant Morphology at the University of Kassel
  • 1997 Retirement, but continuing cooperation with the group, herbarium curator



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