Registration for the Profilmodul and/or Forschungsmodul in Zoology:

This year, the entry in the list is exclusively digital. Please write an email to Ms. Birgit Jaeger (Secretary of the Department of Zoology): and let your name to be added to the list. The registration deadline is 08.10.2022. Your participation will be confirmed per Email until 13.10.2022.

The Profilmodul will take place from 17.10.2022 to 11.11.2022.

The Forschungsmodul will take places from 21.11.2022 to 16.12.2022.

The exact schedule of the courses will be designed according to the situation around SARS-CoV2 and will be communicated to you before the start of the respective course.

Arthropods are one of the largest and most diverse animal groups on Earth, comprising nearly two-thirds of all animal species. To shed light on the evolution of this diversity, we focus on their closest relatives, onychophorans (velvet worms) and tardigrades (water bears) – two important, albeit understudied, animal groups. We apply various methods to study the anatomy, development, phylogeny and other aspects of these animals, which will help us to understand the evolutionary changes that have taken place since their divergence from arthropods over 540 million years ago.