Learning Opportunities

VR Learn Lab

In addition to the learning workshop in room 3117, the chemistry education department has been offering a VR Learn Lab (room 0434) since March 2019. By means of VR equipment, students can also prepare themselves for the digital challenges of teaching and experience learning chemistry in a virtual space. Various virtual games and applications are available to enable a different approach to learning (and teaching) chemistry. The VR Learn Lab is available to students, who are interested, on request as long as it is not used for teaching.

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Chemistry learning workshop

Since summer term 2011, the chemistry education department has been offering the seminar room 3117 as a learning workshop for the field of chemistry. For this purpose, the room is always opened for students when it is not in use for courses and a staff member of the chemistry education group is available nearby.

Numerous regular teacher training courses also open the room to chemistry teachers from Kassel and the surrounding area and have already led to increased cooperation between researchers, students and teachers.