Current projects

Virtual Reality - Learning Chemistry with a New Digital Medium

Sustainability in Chemistry Degree Programmes

Mathematical Modeling in Chemistry Education

Podcast "Chemiegeflüster"

supervised by Natalie Ahne and Dr. Mareike Frevert

Podcast "Chemiegeflüster": Read More

Virtual laboratories in chemistry study programmes

Interconnection of Chemical Content in Teacher Training Studies

Linking Engineering and Natural Sciences in a "Nano" Student Laboratory

The Box Project

Experiment boxes for teachers to borrow

The Box Project: Read More

Finished projects

Contemporary Science in Teacher Education

Science in Out-Of-School Contexts

supervised by Dr. Ines Goldhausen

Science in Out-Of-School Contexts: Read More

Lab Work as a Diagnostic Tool

Contact: Prof. Dr. David-S. Di Fuccia

Lab Work as a Diagnostic Tool: Read More

Nanoscience in Teacher Education

supervised by Dr. Ines Goldhausen

Nanoscience in Teacher Education: Read More