In­form­a­tion on Ex­a­men­s­prü­fung and Ex­am­in­a­tions for L1-L3

Teach­ing at primary schools

  • All L1 exams are offered every semester.
  • Course requirements can only be fulfilled in the semesters in which the lecture takes place.
  • The exam dates usually take place in the first week after the end of lectures and are as follows:

Winter Semester:
Appointmentreadnot read
1Arithmetik/Geometrie I 
2Math. Anwendungen 
3 Diagnostik I
Diagnostik II

Didaktik Arith./Geom.
Arithmetik/Geometrie II

Summer Semester:
Appointmentreadnot read

Didaktik Arith./Geom.

2Diagnostik I 
3Arithmetik/Geometrie II
4Diagnostik II



Math. Anwendungen
Arithmetik/Geometrie I

Oral exam

To register for the oral exam Mathematics L 1, write a short email to Ms Sabrina Herzig (sabrina.herzig[at]mathematik.uni-kassel[dot]de) stating whether you would like to be examined in autumn or spring. You are also welcome to indicate your preference for an examiner.

You send the examiner sheet with a blank field in Mathematics L1 to the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie. You do not need a signature from the teachers of the subject.

We receive a list of names of the exam candidates from the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie. The examiner will be nominated by us, and we will fulfil your wishes as far as possible. You will be informed by the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie on which day and by whom you will be orally examined.

Written exam

If you are planning to take a written examination in Mathematics L1, you must still have the examiner sheet signed by the examiner of your choice.