Profile of the Faculty 10

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (10) is divided into four institutes, the Institutes for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, and they focus on more than 40 specialist fields. Teaching technology to primary school children is also a specialist field, but it is not assigned to any institute. We offer 20 degree courses (for bachelor’s, master’s, teaching degrees) and our students appreciate both the intensive tutoring and the many different support services that are available.

Innovative training courses for future teachers at the University of Kassel are also mirrored in our faculty: our teacher training courses are characterised by integrated modules, for example, and they not only include specialist knowledge and special teaching skills, but also enable students to closely connect both these areas of specialisation from the first semester onwards.

The faculty has three scientific institutions: the Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology (CINSaT) views itself as the focal point for nanoscientific activities at the University of Kassel. We are conducting research in order to develop new kinds of nanostructural processes and discover their potential for use at the Institute for Nanostructural Technology and Analytics (INA). And we are using the University Teaching for Mathematics Skill Centre (KHDM) to pursue the goal of developing scientific principles for subject-related university teaching on courses that include some mathematics, among other things. We also have close links with the North Hesse Pupil Research Centre (SFN), where we are helping to attract talented pupils to the natural sciences.

The faculty in figures

40 areas of specialisation
400+ employees
3,000 students
20+ degree courses