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Witzenhausen - an attractive place to study

Witzenhausen - an attractive town for studying

Witzenhausen is located in a scenic low mountain range in Northern Hesse, which is in central Germany. It is known as the romantic cherry town in the valley of the river Werra. Due to the surrounding Kaufunger Forest and the mountain Hoher Meißner, Witzenhausen is protected from harsh weather conditions. Small-scale farming dominates the forest landscape.

The population of Witzenhausen, including the surrounding villages, is 20,000 whereof over 1000 are Students at our University. The close proximity to charming small villages and the larger cities Kassel and Göttingen make Witzenhausen an ideal place to live and study.

The university cities Kassel and Goettingen offer a wide variety of cultural activities. Upon registration with the University of Kassel, students receive a student identification card. This enables them to use public transportation free of charge within the region of Northern Hesse and Goettingen and also several cultural institutions.

Students can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that allows and supports many different student activities. For the above reasons, many international students have been drawn to Witzenhausen.