Room hun­ting

Rooms are in comparison cheap. For new students there are several possibilities how to find a convenient flat or a room in a shared flat:

  1. Students can rent a room in one of the two students’ residence halls. Both are located in Witzenhausen close to the university. Information about the students residences and help on the research of a private offer in Witzenhausen provides the following institution:
    Studentenwerk Kassel, Außenstelle Witzenhausen
  2. To get an overview of the private flats/rooms offered, you can have a look at the notice-board in the university. Under the column „flat market“ you will find the actual offers of students and other persons. You also have the possibility to add your own announcements there to inform others about the fact that you are hunting for a room. The notice-board is located at „Steinstrasse“ next to the main entrance.
  3. Another choice to find a flat are the local newspapers of Witzenhausen (HNA, Marktspiegel). Here you will predominantly find offers of flats and apartments.
  4. is an online student message board from and for students, mainly in German.

Please be aware that rooms and flats in Germany in general are not furnished.