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High quality food drying

Particular work is focusing on quality aspect of food drying at medium scale along with the collaboration of INNOTECH company(http://www.innotech-ing.de/). Problems of air distribution and pressure drop exist when drying is conducted even at medium scale. These parameters directly influence the food quality by uneven temperature distribution. No matter what method one use, drying of food requires two things: consistent heat and uniform air circulation. Both are tricky but not impossible to achieve. Many researchers made different air flow arrangements in different dryers but these are not effective when drying large mass of food due to uneven temperature distribution and pressure drop. To enhance the quality, the designing of appropriate air flow arrangement is undertaken to build up a dryer which will be capable to handle variety of food items in controlled drying conditions.


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responsible : Dr. Wasseem Amjad

Doctoral Thesis   27-Jul-2016 :

Design and development of a diagonal-airflow batch dryer for spatial drying homogeneity