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2023 - Practical module Agricultural Engeneering: A special offer for students (now also in the summer semester)

2023 International DAAD Alumni Seminar

2022 - International DAAD Alumni Seminar – “Sustainable International Agricultural Value-Chains: Income and development perspectives for producers from the global south through access to high-price markets – the role of certificat

2020 - Workshop Up-/Outstanding Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia : Implementation of Experiences and Lessons Learned

2020 - International DAAD Alumni Seminar – “Applied Solar Engineering and Smart Integration of Renewable Energy for Developing Countries"

2020 - Practical module agricultural engineering - A special offer for students

2019 - BfR-Eiland – The 4th interactive plant labyrinth of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on the subject of eggs and chicken

2019 - International DAAD Alumni Seminar – “Technical and social innovations for sustainable agri-value chain development and job creation in rural areas"

2019 - Prac­tical mo­du­le agri­cul­tu­ral en­gi­nee­ring - A spe­cial of­fer for stu­dents

2019 - International DAAD Alumni Seminar – “Applied Engineering for Smart Integration of Renewable Energy"

2018 - Special blocked lessons: Solar Energy in Agriculture

2018 - Special event: "Micro-irrigation in organic vegetable production".

2018 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - “Sustainable Food Production and Food Security in Developing Countries – Quality Management and Resource Use Efficiency along Agri-Value Chains”

2017 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - "Smart and Adapted Technologies in Agriculture for Productive and Sustainable Land Use Systems in Developing Countries"

2016 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar- “Organic agriculture in developing countries – Quality management along organic agri-value chains: production, post-harvest technology, processing, marketing and trade”

2015 - Expert talk for farmers and advisors - "Quality hay through forced ventilation".

2015 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - "Enhancing food and income security along agricultural commodity chains"

10.06.2015 - 12.06.2015 greenfoods training

2015 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - Intersolar

2015 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - Biofach

20.02.2015 Erneuerbaren Energien

16.12.2014 - 18.12.2014 Renewable Energy Technologies in Pakistan

20.06.2014 Seminar on renewable resources

2014 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - Biofach

13.12.2013 Technical discussion on hay harvesting and storage

2013 - International DAAD-Alumni-Seminar - Agritechnica

07.10.2013 - 10.10.2013 Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses and Value Addition

01.10.2013 - 03.10.2013 International Conference on renewable energy technologies in Pakistan

09.09.2013 - 12.09.2013 Irrigation Workshop Witzenhausen

In between the research project "Investigations and development of an efficient auto-regulative IRRIGATION system with membrane materia", a five day workshop was organized in Witzenhausen, at the Experimental site for irrigation and solar technology.

03.06.2013 -07.06.2013 NAWARO WOCHE

The three universities involved, the University of Kassel, the University of Göttingen and the FH Schmalkalden, offer their students an innovative project:
A special kind of joint lecture week
the "NawaRo" week for all interested students.
For a week it is about different topics from the
Area of renewable raw materials (NawaRo).

"NawaRO" week 2013

2012 - International DAAD Alumni Seminar "Applied Solar Technology in Developing Countries

2012 Specialist seminar NawaRo- Logistics

2011 International DAAD-Alumni Summer School "Applied Solar Technology in Developing Countries

2010 International DAAD-Alumni Summer School "Applied Solar Technology in Developing Countries

2009 - Workshop construction of a wind turbine