2021 MOREbot

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The MORE-bot project is developing a robotics solution for slug control in horticulture. This development is important because snails contaminate products by eating, mucus and fecal traces, which makes marketing impossible. The snails thus cause a reduction in yield. Large quantities of lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables have to be disposed of every year. In order to avoid this damage, slug pellets are spread according to the current state of science and technology. The slug pellets are often only used when damage is visible. Due to the duration of action, the control success occurs too late. The success of slug pellet application is also dependent on weather conditions. In addition, the options for intervention are limited for commercial vegetable production. Besides two active substances for slug control, only manual collection remains. Under the impression of invasive species, a process alternative is urgently needed. With the research and development work applied for, manual snail collection will be taken over by a robot. The aim of the proposed research project is to provide the commercial vegetable sector with an efficient system that enables the production of high-quality food without the use of chemical pesticides. Several beds of cabbage and lettuce heads will be established in the experimental area to test laboratory models and prototypes of robotic modules.

Responsible : Dr. Abouzar Nasirahmadi & Mohammadreza Hassanzadehtalouki

Funding : Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food

Partner : Juliuns Kühn-Institut Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (JKI) and Hentschel Systemgesellschaft