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Internship in the tropical greenhouse

Every year we offer several (unpaid) internships for pupils and students, the duration is variable, the main period is from March to November. Depending on your interests, you will be employed everywhere, but you can focus on:

Horticultural in the tropical greenhouse & in the teaching and learning garden: you will mainly work in the gardening team and support all cultural measures indoors and outdoors. Everything from hoeing and weeding to seed propagation and biological plant protection is involved.

Education for Sustainable Development/Public Relations: here you will get to know the work behind the public, assist mainly with administration in the office, participate in seminars and events, create photo protocols, do research and much more.

Basically, you may sniff everywhere and be there where you are needed. Our tasks are varied and the work is fun! Besides, we are a nice team!

Contact: Rainer Braukmann 05542 981234 or Marina Hethke 05542-981231. Steinstra├če 19 - 37213 Witzenhausen. tropengewaechshaus[at]uni-kassel[dot]de or just come by and find out!

Witzenhausen, as of 11/2022