Completed Research Projects

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Urban Food - Africa/Asia

Research Network Projects targeting Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa and Asia.      >>> Details
Sub-project: Challenges and Opportunities for Nutrient Efficient Agriculture in West African Cities (Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria).
Volkswagen-Foundation (2007-2013), Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert

Peri-urban agricultural systems - Niger

Nutrient flows and production efficiencies in urban and peri-urban agriculture in a West African city.         >>> Details (in German)
DFG (2006-2009), Dr. M. Predotova, Dr. R. Diogo

Peri-urban agricultural systems - Sudan

Nutrient flows and resource use efficiencies in urban and peri-urbanagriculture in the capital Khartoum, Sudan.   >>> Details
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (2006-2009),
Sahar Abdalla / Ishtiag Abdalla / Moiez Fadul

Urban agriculture - Afghanistan

Nutrient cycling and nutrient use efficiency in urban agriculture of Kabul, Afghanistan.
>>> Details
(2008-2011), Zirkrullah Safi

Peri-urban crops - Pakistan

Nutrient fluxes and production efficiency in urban and periurban crops of Faisalabad, Pakistan.
>>> Details
Pakistan (2009-2012), Shoaib Ur Rehman

Produce certification - Indien

Produce certification to strengthen consumers' health interests and farmers' income from urban vegetable production in Mumbai, India. >>> Details
ICDD PhD scholarship (2011-2013), Prem Jose Vazhacharickal


Watercope - China/Mongolei

Supporting national research capacity and policy development to cope with dwindling water resources and intensifying land use in the transborder Altay-Dzungarian region of Mongolia
and China. >>> Details
IFAD (2012-2017), Dr. Sven Gönster

SuLaMa - Madagaskar

Participatory research to support sustainable land management on the Mahafaly Plateau in south-western Madagascar
Sub-project: Agronomy  >>> Details
BMBF (2011-2015), Dr. Katja Brinkmann

Musa Schaderreger - Deutschland

Musa-Schaderreger-Interaktionen - Phenylphenalenone in Bananen. >>> Details
DFG (2009-2012), Dr. Dirk Hölscher 

Dates production - Pakistan

Diversity and Nutritional Variation in Pakistani Dates: Implications for Sustainable Value Chain and Decent Living Perspectives of Rural Households. >>> Details
ICDD PhD scholarship (2012-2015), Fatima Ghayoor
Project leader: Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert, Prof. Dr. Iqrar A. Khan

Millet production - Niger

Tackling abiotic production constraints in pearl millet and sorghum-based agricultural systems
of the West African Sahel. >>> Details
BMZ/ICRISAT (2010-2014), Francesca Beggi

Banana cultivation - Oman

Effects of manure application on yield and quality attributes of banana in Oman.  
>>> Details
Omani government (2010-2013), Khair Tuwair Said Al Busaidi

Jubraka agroforestry systems - Sudan

Effects of transformation processes in 'jubraka' agroforestry systems of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, on plant diversity and nutrient fluxes. >>> Details
DFG (2009-2012), Sven Gönster & Martin Wiehle

Coltan environmental management - Rwanda

Sustainable restitution/recultivation of artisanal tantalum mining wasteland in Central Africa.
>>> Details
Volkswagen-Stiftung (2010-2013), Dr. Rodrigue Diogo
DAAD (2011-2014), Dora Neina

Environmental Protection - Yemen

Traditional land use and reconsideration of environmental zoning in the Hawf Protected Area, south-eastern Yemen. >>> Details
UNDP, Diana Quiroz

Landuse at Lake Inle - Myanmar

Landuse changes around Lake Inle. >>> Details
DAAD (2011-2014), Thin Nwe Htwe

Conservation tillage - Mexico

Nutrient Cycling in wheat under different fertilizer and tillage regimes. >>> Details
DAAD/CIMMYT (2011-2014), Kathrin Grahmann

RTG 1397: Regulation of soil organic matter and nutrient turnover in agriculture

Soil quality management - Oman

Sub-project: Gaseous and leachate losses of C and N from fertilized and irrigated soils of a subtropical coastal oasis . >>> GRAKO1397

(1. Phase 2006-2010), Konrad Siegfried & Mohammed al Rawahi
(2. Phase 2009-2012), Mariko Ingold & Melanie Willich