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Possibilties of access for courses at the partner university

Cross-Site Study Management Ge­org Au­gust Uni­ver­si­ty Goet­tin­gen and Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel

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Cooperation Georg August University Goettingen and University of Kassel

Since January 2005 the faculty is cooperating with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Georg August University Göttingen on a joint agreement. Co-operation goals are:

  • Both faculties agree upon new appointments of professorships. 2006 a first joint professorship "Animal Husbandry in the Tropics and Subtropics" was established  in order to strengthen the combined competencies in tropical animal husbandry of both faculties. A joint professorship "Rural Sociology" was established in 2010. Since 2017 a third unit "Social-Ecological Interactions in Agricultural Systems" is established.
  • Both faculties are committed to admit their modules in a reciprocal and non-bureaucratic manner. Students will have the advantage to choose from a very broad catalog of modules and tailorise themselves an individual module program. This amplitude of courses offered is unique for Germany. Details will be dealt with study advisors in Witzenhausen or Goettingen. If you experience difficulties with online application procedure at Goettingen University please contact Dr. W. Radenbach ( Modules important for both study locations will be recognised in the curriculum. Bi-annually an excursion will be organised to a country in the tropics/subtropics.
  • The joint master program  "Sustainable International Agriculture"  taught in English language started in winter semester 2009/10. It includes three study specialisations and a joint degree: International Agribusiness and Rural Development Economics, International Organic Agriculture und Tropical Agriculture.
  • A co-operation in the reciprocal use of research farms is still in the decision making process.
  • Several research co-operations already are established. Both faculties were f. e. together with other institutions involved in the setting up of the Bioenergiedorf Jühnde and the Bioenergiehof Obernjesa.
  • Regular meetings between the deanaries of both faculties guarantee close co-ordination and agreements regarding future developments.
  • Students have the possibility to part take in activities and to use the facilities of the respective partner university in line with the Cross-Site Study Management
  • Goettingen and Witzenhausen are only 25 Kilometer apart from each other. The semester tickets of both universities include free rides with regional public transport (Public transport within the town of Goettingen is not included in the semester ticket).