Student representative body at Faculty 11

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You are invited to the regular "FSR-Plenum" (meeting of students representative council) mondays at 6.16 pm.
Currently via Zoom:

(Kopie 1): Zoom-Link

FSR - Student Council of the Department 11

The Student Council represents the interests of the students at FB 11.

Every student can participate in the Student Council.

Elected membership is required for some committees. The election takes place during the annual university election.

Interested & Active members of the Fachschaftsrat (FSR) meet at the times listed above.

Student Representative Council - FSR - Fachschaftsrat des Fachbereich 11

The FSR (Fachschaftsrat) -Student Representative Councel - is the students' representative body at FB 11 and consists of elected representatives who are elected at the annual university elections. The elected representatives can participate in committees with voting rights. Participation in the student representative council is open to every student.

You become a member of the student council automatically by enrolment. We, the students, have the opportunity to actively partake in the organisation of the university or department in addition to our actual studies. The university is a self-governing institution whose development is decided on by various committees. These committees consist of professors, academic and technical staff and student representatives.

What we do

  • represent students’ interests in committees, such as the student council and study committee
  • gather information, organise events and make sure we as students have what we need…
  • improve our study conditions, by shaping how lectures or practical courses (English & German courses) are taught

Come and join us!

  • gain an insight into the organisational part of the agricultural faculty
  • get in contact: with professors, lecturers and your German-speaking colleagues
  • improve your organisational skills and opportunities
  • make a change by improving study and living conditions
  • learn more about agricultural universities and their students (e.g. Bonn, Eberswalde, Kiel), meet them and strengthen our network of colleagues

Further services offered by the Student Council:

o   for any questions related to study affairs,

o   to book rooms in university buildings, please mail to

o   for contacting and finding out how to deal with the student council

o   rental of digital devices and various equipment

  • Providing useful information on the information board located in the entrance hall of the monastery building, near the cafeteria

We represent following study programs:

  • SIA
  • IFBC
  • ÖL B.Sc. & M.Sc. (German Study Programms)

How to contact us

per mail:

or face to face: in the Student Council (FSR) Room at Steinstraße 19, above the cafeteria (student consultation and regular meetings)


What is the student council?

The student council consists of all students at the FB11 Ecological Agricultural Sciences Witzenhausen. The students, have the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of the university or the department in addition to studies. The university is a self-governing institution whose development is decided in various committees. These are made up of lecturers, scientific or technical staff and student representatives.

Tasks of the Student Council

The FSR offers the opportunity to help shape the courses offered and the university. In addition, the FSR supports student initiatives, e.g. by providing rooms, media and materials or making them available itself. The FSR or the Student Advisory Service is the first point of contact for problems between students and teachers as well as for individual questions.

Financial requests

Please submit room usage requests at least 4 weeks in advance.

For financial requests, please fill out the following application and send it to us:
(contact details: contact).


FSR-Wiz_Financial request.docx

Guidelines for financial applications