École d’Ingenieurs de Purpan (EI Purpan, France)

Detailed information for École d’Ingenieurs de Purpan (EI Purpan)

EI Purpan is together ESA, ISA and ISARA part of the FESIA consortium, the ERASMUS contract has been signed with

Address75 voie de Toec, 31076 Toulouse, FRANCE

Web Start Page

International Office

Intern. Office

Mrs. Sarah Prince
Phone: +33 561 15 30 41
eMail: sarah.prince[at]purpan[dot]fr

Mrs. Delphine Segui
Phone: +33 561 15 30 19
eMail: delphine.segui[at]purpan[dot]fr

Contract terms

WS 2014/15 – WS 2022/23



Bachelor/Master/PhD: 8 per term
(for all 4 FESIA-universities)
Staff Mobility5 days per term
(for all 4 FESIA-universities)
LanguageFrench (B1) or English (B2)


for application

WS: 01.10
SS: 01.06.