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Start summer semester 2024

The courses for the summer semester begin on April 15. In the first two weeks, we give our students an overview of the objectives and the course schedule. From week 3 onwards, you should decide whether you would like to attend our course and access the Moodle course and register for the examinations.

Sustainable management in the agricultural and food industry (H73)
German-language module Bachelor Organic Agriculture
Mondays, 14-18:30, H11 Steinstraße

Strategic Management (E31)
English-language module IFBC, SIA, Sustainable Management, AGES, Master Organic Farming
Tuesdays, 8-12 a.m., H23 Steinstraße

We offer a student project on the topic of competencies for the sustainability transformation of food systems. Information on this at the project presentation on 19.4. and on request.

Starting in the summer semester, we will set up a Moodle course for the theses we supervise.

We offer consultations on Thursdays 11-12 and by appointment via e-mail.

English language modules

Modul Winter/Summer Master/ Bachelor Semester
Management and Management Accounting (Bridging module) Winter Master 1st Sem.
Research Methods Winter Master 1st Sem.
Strategic Management Summer Master 2nd Sem.
International Management / Responsible and Sustainable Food Business in Global Context Winter Master 3rd Sem.
Project Work - Module Summer & Winter Master 2nd & 3rd Sem.

German language modules

Module WiSe/SoSe Master/ Bachelor Semester
Responsible business management in the agricultural and food industry Summer semester Bachelor 5.-9. sem.