Rice: A little grain feeds the world

More than 90% of the world’s rice production comes from Asia, although rice is also grown in Africa, America and Europe.


In many Asian languages, the word for “rice” and “food” are the same, which demonstrates its great meaning in the diets. More than 100,000 different rice varieties are stored as seed in gene banks around the world. They vary widely in their cultivation and characteristics for use. It is important to preserve this genetic diversity for future generations! Unfortunately, commercial production restricts itself to only a fraction of the abundance developed over centuries.


In this rice bed, we cultivate short stem varieties as well as older varieties with long stems. Meanwhile, there is short- and long-grain rice or aromatic and glutinous rice. Our collection includes about 60 different origins, which we grow interchangeably throughout the years to obtain fresh seed to preserve.


What is your favorite type of rice? Your favorite rice dish?