Stimulants/Luxury Foods 2

They get on your nerves!

On the one hand relaxing and exciting, on the other hand intoxicating and incapacitating: plant ingredients can change our feelings and our perceptions depending on their dose and preparation. Every ethnic group since ancient times has had their own luxury plants and surrounding customs. Today, the cultivation and utilization of these plants has spread worldwide, and commodity crops like coffee and tea have gained immense economic importance.

The whole world knows the name of a tree from the rainforests of West Africa. Its seeds belong to a popular refreshment and were the inspiration for its name. It’s the cola tree (Cola nitida). Chewing the caffeine containing seeds suppresses hunger and fatigue.

Approximately 400 million people in Africa and Asia regularly enjoy the stimulant paan. It is made up of leaves from Piper betle, various spices, slaked lime and the bitter seeds of the areca palm (Areca catechu).

First, chocolate makes you happy. Then it takes a toll on your figure. Some luxury foods are equally nutritious – take a look at the cocoa trees!