Useful Plants

What would it be like to spend a day without plants? *

Imagine: You wake up in the morning on a stone floor, because wood furniture is missing; there is no parquet, no linoleum and no carpet. Your feet remain cold, because without food there are no animals, and without animals, no leather or wool. You also don’t have p<s class="msoDel">a</s>yjamas. There is no heat, no soap, no perfume and no cosmetics. Breakfast cereal is omitted, just like morning coffee and the following cigarette. Your news doesn’t come today, because it’s missing the paper. Your walk during the lunch break takes place in a bald concrete desert. Of course you go by foot, because the rubber tires on your car don’t exist, and brake fluid is just as nonexistent. Your body endures a cold alone, because aspirin and chamomile tea are not available. To relax, do you want to drink tea and eat chips in front of the TV? Forget it!

This list could be endlessly lengthened, but don’t think about it further: You are running out of oxygen.

*For some examples there are alternatives from petroleum – but this is also a plant product and its supply is limited.