Biruk Fikadu Gebreyess (MSc.)


Steinstr. 19
37213 Witzenhausen
Kloster, 1128


Biruk Fikadu Gebreyess is a PhD student in the section of international agricultural policy and environmental governance of Kassel University.

He achieved his master of science in agricultural sciences (rural development and agricultural extension) from Harmala University, Ethiopia in 2011. He completed his bachelor of science studies in two programs in Ethiopia; bachelor of science in agricultural extension from Harmaya University in 2006 and bachelor of arts in economics from Jimma University in 2017. He has been working as an assistant professor and researcher at Jimma University college of agriculture and veterinary medicine in Ethiopia since 2011. Beforehand, he worked as an instructor at Agarfa Agricultural Technical Vocational Educational and Training (ATVET) college in Ethiopia from 2006 to 2011. Currently, he is working on his PhD research project titled Governance and performances of coffee farmers’ cooperative unions and coffee farming investor owned firms in south west Ethiopia”. His research interest areas are agricultural governance/institutions, agricultural technologies/ innovations and communication, and socio-economic research activities related to agricultural and rural livelihood.


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