Promotionen am Fachgebiet Umweltchemie

Name, VornameThemaJahr
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Grunwald, DennisEffects of the application of biochar and organic fertilizers as well as temperature on soil carbon and aggregate dynamics2017
Pinggera, JohannaEffect of environmental conditions on the N uptake route of soil microorganisms and adaption of a method to determine amino acid oxidase in soil2015

Linsler, Deborah

Effects of grassland renovation on carbon concentrations and aggregate distribution in temperate grassland soils2013

Piegholdt, Christiane

Effects of tillage intensity on soil C, N, and P pools with different stability


Andruschkewitsch, RouvenEffects of different tillage treatments on labile soil organic matter pools and stabilization processes2013

Maqsood, Shafique

Soil organic matter: interactions with C and N dynamics, nutrient cations and organic pollutants2012
Sänger, AnjaApplication of biogas slurries from energy crops to arable soils and their impact on carbon and nitrogen dynamics2012
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