Zhuzha Khatchapuridze

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Vita  (Zhuzha Khatchapuridze)

Zhuzha khatchapuridze is pursuing her studies under the Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems (SAFS) structured doctoral research program.

She conducts her research studies on  “Lipase inhibitory activity of wines” under the supervision of Prof. Angelika Ploeger.

Zhuzha was admitted to the degree of master of science in food science and technology engineering and has qualified as Food Engineer from Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (previously, Szent Istvan University) in 2019. Her research project was about to investigate “The impact of some oilseeds flour on wheat flour dough”.

She earned  her bachelor degree in Food technology from the Agricultural University of Georgia. 

She is working as an invited lecturer at the Agricultural University of Georgia, since 2019.

Her research interests are wine and nutrition, obesity, enzyme kinetics.

Publications  (Zhuzha Khatchapuridze)


Khatchapuridze Z, Gugulashvili G., Ghvachliani V., Ploeger A., Gulua L.,Turmanidze T. In-vitro functional efficacy of extracts from Caucasian Rhododendron (Rhododendron caucasicum) and Rkatsiteli wines as pancreatic lipase inhibitors. Ukrainian Food Journal, 2021 Vol. 10:1   DOI: 10.24263/2304-974X-2021-10-1