EUROBIKE Young Researchers Forum – Postersession, 14th July 2022

EUROBIKE is the central platform for the bike and future mobility world. Together with visionaries from the fields of politics, finance, society and the mobility industry, it creates a space to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives and forge strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. The booming and fast-growing bike- and future mobility industries view EUROBIKE as their shared platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas Sport, Leisure, Health and Mobility, is constantly evolving, and brings the international community together live and face to face.

Recap of the Young Researchers Forum

Group photo of the participants on the main stage

We look back on a trade fair week full of exciting impressions. The 20 young scientists of the Young Researchers Forum also contributed to this. On Thursday, visitors to the trade fair were able to listen to short presentations on the latest research on cycling at the main stage. This was followed by a lively exchange of research results in a poster session, which allowed participants to share more in-depth questions and ideas.

Poster of the participants