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International Summer School on Sustainable Mobility

Venue: University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Dates: October 9th - 15th, 2022

Impressions of the MoveOn-Summer School

About the MoveOn Summer School

This summer school is an interdisciplinary program aiming to explore the challenges and the potential of sustainable mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa. It applies international expertise, coupled with local perspectives, to address the key topics through innovative system thinking. We invite you to exchange with other summer school participants from different disciplines, countries and cultures on sustainable mobility. The program consists of lecture sessions from international and national experts, participatory workshops in interdisciplinary research groups and some fieldwork. 

In order to ensure effective teamwork and collaborative research projects, the summer school will take place in-person with accommodation provided for all participants during the period of the program. Other educative and interactive social events will be incorporated in the program. Travel expenses of the participants can fully or partly be covered on an individual basis. Supporting childcare on place can be arranged if needed.

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With the focus on sustaining active mobility in Africa and the promotion of a sustainable mobility system worldwide, it is significant to explore the opportunities of knowledge transfer and exchange on relevant topics, methodologies and practices in research and academia.

The MoveOn Summer School is highly practice-oriented and has a multidisciplinary focus on safe and sustainable mobility. It provides a comprehensive platform that allows for an interdisciplinary and collaborative engagement with researchers and practitioners on highly relevant research areas on sustainable mobility, which require urgent need of exploration. It also gives an opportunity for young researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa to discuss their research areas, challenges and ideas as well as to strengthen their methodological and practical skills.

Key questions that were addressed in the MoveOn Summer School

  • What are the key challenges today in moving towards a more sustainable mobility system?
  • How does research contribute to the development of a sustainable mobility system?
  • What are the ethical, social and legal policies that support sustainable mobility systems?
  • What are the knowledge gaps between research and practice to implement sustainable mobility systems?
  • What are the transitional steps required for the implementation of sustainable mobility systems?


 The MoveOn Summer School is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.