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Cycling and Art - Seminar on Artistic and Social Transformation in Mobility

What is RaKun?

The practice-oriented seminar Cycling and Art (RaKun) is about connecting transportation planning and art. To what extent can art act as a catalyst to change established structures and behaviors? In order to win people over for a change in traffic, they should not only be addressed cognitively, but also creatively and emotionally. In the interdisciplinary seminar (supervised by Prof. Angela Francke, Radverkehr und Nahmobilität, Fachbereich 14 and Prof. Mi You, Kunst und Ökonomien, Fachbereich 5) experimental ideas and projects for knowledge transfer and sustainable transformation are developed and implemented. For this purpose, students work together in small groups from different fields of study.

Student Projects:

  1. 1."Perspectives"

    The 4 project developers:inside sit under a tree
    from left: Lukas Martin, Jonathan Sacht, Helen Neuwirth, Filipa Saramago Thiel

    "Perspectives" - a zine for changing perspectives on mobility. Many people are familiar with it: drivers park in bike lanes to get a quick roll, cyclists roll across the sidewalk to avoid having to wait at a red light, and pedestrians run onto the roadway, lost in thought. No matter how we get around, everyone makes a mistake and everyone gets annoyed with other road users - every mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be used, endured or avoided. As a team consisting of Filipa, Lukas, Jonathan and Helen with backgrounds in urban and regional planning, political science and history, mechanical engineering and architecture, we want to bring people closer to the fact that traffic can only work together and how important it is to take the perspective of the other traffic participants from time to time, not least in order to be able to look at and evaluate problem areas and dangerous situations from different angles. With a small booklet, which should ideally appear as an insert in a (daily) newspaper, we want to reach as many very different people as possible with their individual mobility. The zine "Perspectives" should interactively show how important understanding for each other is in road traffic and playfully draw attention to both needs and grievances of different means of transport and thus strengthen the change of perspective in traffic in all directions.

    Project developers: Filipa Saramago Thiel, Helen Neuwirth, Lukas Martin, Jonathan Sacht

  2. 2."Street Battle"

    the project group on a Veload cargo bike
    The group on the Veload cargo bike. From front left: Emilia Michaelis and Anja Schmidt-Bäumler; back left: Tobias Lob and Hannah Glatzel.

    Starting point:

    One goes outside the front door and automatically, inevitably, one is a member of the road traffic, meeting other participants: inside and being part of a large dynamic that never rests. As part of this dynamic, where each: r has a different destination, different needs and uses a different means of transport, it is inevitable to come into contact with another means of transport and its owner: in.


    We want to bring together two parties each from the spectrum of pedestrians: in, cyclists: in and car drivers: in and give them the opportunity to exchange their experiences and needs. A list of questions we have compiled aims to listen to each other, respond to each other's perspectives and jointly develop visions of what road traffic could look like where all participants: inside with their individual means of transport have equal rights and are given the space they need. In order to bring the traffic participants into a situation that is largely unknown to them, i.e. that does not involve the use of a bicycle or a car, we have thought about choosing a hybrid of these two means of transport as a space for the exchange about participation in traffic. We use a "Veload", a cargo bike with two seats in the front like a car, which can promote the communication of the riders: inside. On the rear part of the "veload", the cargo area, an installation will be set up to draw attention to the different views of riding a bicycle or driving a car through drawings, pictures or slogans.


    In order to generate outreach in addition to the "Veload" tour through Kassel, the recorded video will be exhibited during a tour at the Kunstuniversität Kassel and made available for another exhibition. In addition, we have created an Instagram account[@strassenschlacht], where we want to document the journey and development of our project and also recruit interview partners: inside in advance.

    The finished video can be viewed at the following link: m.youtube.com/watch&feature=youtu.be .

    Project developers: Anja Schmidt-Bäumler, Emilia Michaelis, Hannah Glatzel, Tobias Lob.