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A special focus of the research activities of the Department of Construction Management is the analysis and further development of new contract and cooperation models for the construction industry.
In this context, current third-party funded research projects of the department deal with public-private partnerships (PPP), functional construction contracts in road construction as well as with the cooperation-oriented project management in construction measures of the housing industry in the inhabited stock. Further research projects deal with the implementation of the management approach partnering and the project execution method alliancing in the German construction industry as well as with the complex of topics "process-oriented project execution and complexity management in building construction".

In the sense of research activities that are very practice-oriented in terms of content, there is intensive interdisciplinary cooperation with partners, e.g. from industry and trade associations.

Research focus

Process-oriented handling of turnkey construction projects

Development of control tools

Optimization of project organization

Evaluation of alternative construction contract forms

Further development of cooperative execution models for construction projects

Optimization of company organization


Expert opinions and consulting regarding questions of remuneration in construction contracts, changes of services as well as contract and settlement models

Consulting regarding project organization and management tools for the execution of turnkey construction projects