Research at the Department of Construction Informatics

In the construction industry, the integration, management and optimization of digital data and models is becoming an increasingly important factor due to the increasing complexity of construction projects and the large number of shareholders. The goal here is to increase quality and efficiency and minimize the susceptibility to errors of the processes over the entire life cycle of the building.

The basis for the desired cooperation in all phases of the building process is a consistent, continuous and digital building model in the sense of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Via this model, different parts and components of a building with their different aspects (e.g. geometry, topology, materials, energy analysis, documents, etc.) can be mapped, linked and managed over the entire life cycle.

Current research topics of the department are:

  • Description and validation of data models with regard to semantics, geometry and relations
  • Application of the latest IT methods in the field of civil and environmental engineering
  • Visualization of building models and metadata