Development of a fire-proof clay wall panel (LWT) with stiffening effect for use in timber panel construction.

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In close partnership with a medium-sized precast concrete plant, a wood-concrete composite rapid construction method is being developed in which the bond between precast concrete elements and wood is produced by polymer mortar. Different compositions are used for the polymer mortar, which are tailored to simultaneously optimize processing and load-bearing capacity. The aim of the project is to find an optimal material combination and manufacturing method tailored to the precast concrete plant, with which the bonded wood-concrete composite construction method can be implemented as standard in multi-story and residential construction. The test program includes both test series on the durability of the bonded composite and component tests to verify its suitability for practical use and the reliability of its execution.

AiF Projekt GmbH - Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)

Project partners:
Prof. Brigitte Häntsch, University of Kassel, Design and Building Construction

Duration 2018 - 2021