Selected chapters from steel construction

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Lightweight steel construction submodule (SoSe)

  • Production of thin-walled steel components
  • Derivation of the concept of effective width
  • Corrosion protection in lightweight steel construction
  • Fasteners
  • Construction with trapezoidal profiles and sandwich elements
  • Verification according to DIN EN 1993-1-3

Submodule Maintenance of Steel Structures (WiSe)

  • Weldability of old steels
  • Aging
  • Condition recording and evaluation of old steel structures
  • Rivets
  • Cast iron constructions
  • Historical constructions and construction methods
  • Repair

Module information

  • Master Civil Engineers
  • Elective module
  • 8th and 9th semester
  • 6 ECTS (3 SWS)

Further information as well as the lecture notes can be found in moodle. The password for the course will be announced in the course.

Admission requirements and examination achievements according to the module handbook.

Module Handbook