Module Air Pollution Control

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What can you expect?

In the courses you will learn industrially proven processes as well as new process developments for exhaust gas purification in detail. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of room ventilation, the use of catalytic converters in motor vehicles, up to flue gas cleaning systems for industrial applications. At the Department of Resource Management and Waste Technology we also have a lot of experience in the following areas: Re­se­arch/To­pics


The courses offered in the Air Pollution Control Module

• Fundamentals of Air Pollution Control (LR-G)
• Air Pollution Control Technology - Particles (LRT-P)
• Air Pollution Control Technology - Noxious Gases (LRT-S)
• Air Pollution Control - Air Measurement Technology (Dr. Dominik Wildanger)

Learning objectives of these courses

• You develop a basic understanding of air pollution control- You will learn essential air pollutants, their sources and effects on human health, vegetation, and the environment
• You differentiate between emissions and immissions. You can limit the immissions to a level that is harmless to human health.
• You understand the principles and techniques for primary and secondary emission reduction measures and give basic recommendations for designing industrial purification plants.
• You can set immission limit values and implement requirements for the operation of plants.