Board and plank trusses as material-saving timber constructions of high modernity

The aim of this research project is to better understand the historic design of board and plank trusses in order to preserve them without or with appropriate repair measures. For this purpose, it is important to investigate the load-bearing behavior of aged nail connections in detail.
Current projects show extensive rehabilitation of these structures, with large-scale replacement of load-bearing elements and strengthening of nodes with additional fasteners. First results of our research show that material-saving timber constructions of high modernity can be evaluated via non-destructive testing and that even damaged nodes can be assigned a quantifiable load-bearing capacity.

SPP2255 - DFG Priority Program 2255 "Cultural Heritage Construction
German Research Foundation (DFG)
Project partner:
Dr.-Ing. Iris Engelmann, Bauhaus University Weimar
Duration 2021 - 2024