BRAVOUR -Needs of Cyclists at Construction Sites - Traffic Psychological Analysis on User-Specific Requirements

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Project aim

How can traffic guidance at construction sites be designed so that it is perceived as safe by all road users? To answer this question, a deeper understanding of the requirements of bicycle and pedestrian traffic for traffic safety and traffic guidance measures for construction sites is necessary on a scientific basis and with practical relevance. This research project in cooperation between the City of Hamburg, the University of Kassel and Eco Counter aims to contribute to this by means of a traffic psychological analysis of user-specific requirements of cyclists and pedestrians for traffic guidance at construction sites.

Project information

Network coordinatorUniversity of Kassel, Department of Cycling and Sustainable Mobility
Project duration

10/2022 - 09/2025

Granting authorityBMDV
Project partner
  • University of Kassel, Department of Cycling and Sustainable Mobility
  • LSBG Hamburg (Christian G√∂tzke)
  • Eco Counter GmbH (B.A. Jacqueline Kaminski)

Department 14
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mönchebergstr. 7
Ingenieurwissenschaften III, Room 3711
34125 Kassel



Here you will find the research results published so far:

Klosterkamp, M. (2023). Welchen Einfluss haben Verkehrsabsicherungen an Arbeitsstellen auf die (wahrgenommene) Sicherheit von Radfahrenden?

Klosterkamp, M., Rothauge, E., Papendieck, P., & Francke, A. (2023). Investigating the Safety Behavior of Cyclists in Construction Sites.