MOTUS research project

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Mobility transformation: key factors for sustainable and resilient transport

How can we prepare for future changes in transportation?

The MOTUS project aims to answer this question by developing a simulation platform that takes a holistic view of the urban transportation system and its players. Using the platform, municipalities will be able to run through various disruptive scenarios and derive targeted preventive measures. The project focuses primarily on the effects of climate change and structural change in lignite mining regions. In this project, the Department of Cycling and Local Mobility at the University of Kassel is mainly concerned with individual behavior and habits of road users. For this purpose, a survey will be conducted to provide information about the motives and barriers for sustainable and resilient mobility.

Project information

Network coordinatorTU Dresden, Chair of Automotive Engineering
Project duration

11/2021 - 10/2024

Funding programInnovation Initiative mFUND (Modernity Fund) of the BMDV
Project participants
  • University of Kassel, Department of Cycling and Local Mobility
  • TU Dresden:
    Professorship for Automotive Engineering,
    Professorship for Traffic Process Automation,
    Professorship for Transport Ecology
  • Teralytics GmbH
ContactFaculty 14
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mönchebergstr. 7
Engineering III, Room 2512
34125 Kassel