Excursion to Kassel

In the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe the two major monuments Octagon with Herkules statue and Löwenburg are built with tuff stone. Due to the softness and high porosity of the tuff, it is quite workable. But therefore, the resistance against weathering is rather low. From 2005 to 2018 the monuments have been restored, on the one hand with with original tuff from the Habichtswald or one the other hand with an artifical tuff, which was developed at University of Kassel. During the excursion the monumental water features of Wilhelmshöhe will be seen as well as the Octagon with Herkules statue and the Löwenburg.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held after the tour at the famous Hercules Terraces near the Hercules Monument.

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