Online-Workshop 12th May 2022

Focus: Projekt participants

Online-Workshop: SynSICRIS-Monitoring-Tool – Current status and test results
Information and discussion

The monitoring tool in the SynSICRIS project aims to make the contributions of research and innovation to the transformation of society assessable, visible and evaluable. The workshop will present key developments and test results since 2020. There will be an opportunity to discuss the SynSICRIS monitoring tool and the topic in general.

The event will address the following questions, among others:

  • Where does the tool development stand?
  • How well was the monitoring tool usable for researchers and what still needs to be improved?
  • What technical developments and what testing and exchange opportunities are planned?


Thorsten Michaelis

05542-98 1634


Program (PDF, german language)

Präsentationen (PDF, german language)

Workshop-Videos (german language)