FoSS-Summer School

Program 2022

The Summer School of the Research Network for Social Law and Social Policy (FoSS) of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda and the University of Kassel supports young academics in the concretization of their own research projects and the methodological development of dissertation projects, which face the challenge of the multi-layered field of social law and social policy research. In addition, advanced doctoral students will be accompanied in their projects, offered the opportunity to exchange experiences, and shown potential professional perspectives within and outside academia.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

13.30 Arrival

13.45 Welcome Prof. Dr. Felix Welti (Speaker FoSS, University of Kassel)

14.00 Workshop Phase I

1a. Basic Social Rights under the Basic Law

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hänlein (University of Kassel)

1d. How to evaluate a law?

Prof. Dr. Felix Welti (University of Kassel)

1c. On the sociology of judges or how do judges influence social policy? Sarah Schulz (University of Kassel)

1b. The Citizen's Income - Innovation or Just Old Wine in New Bottles?

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Reinhard (University of Applied Sciences Fulda)


16.30 Coffee Break

17.30 Workshop Phase II

2a. What are the benefits of a doctorate? Professional perspectives outside the university Christiane Goldbach (BAR) & Meike Warncke (VGB)

2b. Academic career after the doctorate? Eva Marr (University of Duisburg-Essen) & Daniela Molnar (University of Siegen)


19.00 Awarding of the Nora Platiel Prize 2022

in cooperation with the Association for the Promotion of Research and Knowledge Transfer in Social Law and Social Policy e. V.

20.00 common evening


Thursday, 22. September 2022

09.15 Arrival

10.00 Table Talks on the topic of doctoral studies Supervisors - doctoral candidates - interested parties

11.00 Break

11.30 Workshop phase 3

3a. From the idea to the exposé*

Writing workshop for newcomers to doctoral studies Daniela Liebscher (

3b. Structure, focus, comprehensibility - revising texts systematically*.

Writing workshop for advanced doctoral students Eva-Maria Lerche (schreibraum.münster)


3a. Continuation From the idea to the exposé Daniela Liebscher (

3b. Continuation Structure, Focus, Comprehensibility - Revising Texts Systematically Eva-Maria Lerche (schreibraum.münster)


17.00 End of the summer school