Scope & Topics

The International Symposium "Nanostructured Semiconductor Systems: Physics and Applications" will bring together many leading experts in this cutting-edge field of research. Low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures have been at the forefront of research for decades due to numerous open scientific questions and many, diverse engineering applications. This is due to their novel physical and chemical properties that combine quantum effects and classical device physics concepts. The main objective of the symposium is to introduce the recent advances in this field, as well as to provide a platform for exchanging knowledge and information between scientists from Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology and Materials Science.



The spectrum of topics will include the growth and synthesis of low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures (quantum wells and dots, nanowires, superlattices, etc.), novel characterization techniques of their structural, electrical and optical properties, advanced nanofabrication processes for basic scientific investigations and for optoelectronic devices (lasers, LEDs, detectors, sensors, modulators, amplifiers, and many others). Also topics related to modeling and simulation of materials and optoelectronic device performance will be covered in the symposium.